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Harvey J. Levin:
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Communications Economist, Author, Professor, Consultant
Orbit spectrum ownership and regulation, allocation of broadcast frequencies

"In 1971 Resources for the Future funded and published a book calling for the government to create a market for radio spectrum licenses, rather than just giving them away. After all, said the author, Harvey J. Levin, the airwaves are a scarce resource, and they are no less susceptible than rivers or roads to overuse or congestion. Because the Federal Communications Commission was allocating spectrum space bureaucratically, incumbent broadcasters had no reasons to economize or innovate, while newcomers were often locked out. Levin, an economist, proposed ‘a regulated market-type system with prices.’ And the government took Levin’s advice – in the mid-1990s, when the FCC finally began auctioning off broadcast frequencies. Well, it only took a generation."

National Journal, "Ideas Change the World," Jonathan Rauch, October 5, 2002
Atlantic Monthly, October 8, 2002
Social Studies Commentary, October 4, 2002
Reasonline: Free Minds and Free Markets, October 7, 2002

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"Levin concluded that market-like mechanisms, rather than administrative hearings, would better allocate the increasingly crowded electromagnetic spectrum, or airwaves, to their myriad uses (ranging from radio, TV, and everyday telecommunications to wildlife tracking, astronomy, garage door openers, and national defense). Levin’s research paved the way for a change of heart at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which in early 1995 conducted its first auctions of portions of the spectrum. By 1997, auctions had brought in more than $22 billion and, more important, according to the Economic Report of the President for that year, the auctions got spectrum ‘quickly into the hands of service providers’ and ‘rapidly promoted the use of innovative, advanced telecommunications technologies throughout the country’… In 1997, the U.S. Congress included a demonstration program for space transportation vouchers in its appropriations bill for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Much of the inspiration… was inspired by Levin’s research. The field of space economics and policy has grown from one or two economists during Levin’s career to include scholars at Cal Tech, MIT, the Wharton School, and other institutions."

-- Molly K. Macauley, Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
50th Anniversary Symposium, October 15, 2002

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