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Collection of personal papers (at Hofstra)

Augustus B. Weller Chair in Economics (at Hofstra)

Miscellaneous honors and associations

Community activism
Harvey J. Levin Public Policy Workshop (at Hofstra)
Rhoda Pinsley Levin Music Award and Collection (at Hofstra)
Natalie I. Allon Scholarship in Sociology (at Hofstra)
Additional family-related pieces
Literary works on Dr. Levin's career

Re: Papers and Publications

1. List of a collection of papers of Harvey J. Levin, 1956-1991, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (Papers available from CITI)

2. CITI 1993-1994 Annual Report, "Affiliated Research Fellows: In Memory of Harvey Levin," Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (Biographical piece with info. on donation of Dr. Levin’s materials to CITI)

3. Levin, Harvey J., Book Prospectus: Harvesting the Invisible Resource – Global Spectrum Management for Balanced Information Flows, 1992 (Includes table of contents, outline and summaries for sixteen chapters)  [excerpt]

4. Publishing proposals, correspondence exchanged with publishers, and alternate drafts, re: Harvesting the Invisible Resource

5. Levin, Harvey J., Cross-Channel Ownership of Mass Media, Dissertation for "the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Political Science," Columbia University, circa 1953 (Personally typed, bound original of doctoral dissertation that was basis for Dr. Levin’s 1960 book Broadcast Regulation and Joint Ownership of Media)

6. Levin, Harvey J., The Political Economy of Educational Television in New York State, circa latter 1950s (Personally typed, bound original)

7. Miscellaneous scholarly papers by Dr. Levin re: economics of broadcasting regulation and alcohol beverage control, circa late 1950s-early 1960s (Personally typed and bound originals)

8. Oral statement of Prof. Harvey J. Levin before the House Antitrust Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, in hearings on "concentration of ownership in news media", April 1963

Articles, lectures or reviews on Dr. Levin’s books

The Invisible Resource – Use and Regulation of the Radio Spectrum  [summary]   [webpage]   [Other pieces]

9. National Journal, Atlantic Monthly and affiliated journals, "Ideas Change The World -- And One Think Tank Quietly Did", Jonathan Rauch, October 5-8, 2002  [excerpt]

10. Resources for the Future 50th Anniversary Symposium, "Welcoming Remarks," Paul Portney, October 15, 2002

11. Economic Principles, "Short Takes" (ed. David Warsh), October 20, 2002

Fact and Fancy in Television Regulation – An Economic Study of Policy Alternatives  [summary]

12. Broadcasting, "Another Opinion: A Professor examines FCC regulation – In new book, Harvey Levin claims commission policies have promoted broadcasting profit rather than programming diversity; thinks prime-time access rule works," July 7, 1980

13. Journal of Communication, "Skillfully Constructed Bridge," Nancy R. Csaplar, Spring 1981

14. Communications and the Law, "Fact and Fancy in Television Regulation," Stuart N. Brotman, Winter 1981

15. Federal Communications Law Journal, "Fact and Fancy in Television Regulation," Nina W. Cornell, Vol. 33, No. 1

16. Unidentified journal, "Promise vs. Performance," March 9, 1981

17. Public Opinion Quarterly, "Fact and Fancy in Television Regulation," Kurt Lang, circa 1980-1981

Business Organization and Public Policy – A Book of Readings  [summary]

18. Hofstra Chronicle, "Dr. Levin Writes a Book," circa 1958 (Re: Dr. Levin’s book as "the first systematic anthology of economics", containing "a wide variety of opinions existing in government and business", and "adopted by thirty schools throughout the country.")

19. Hamilton Alumni Review, "Business Organization and Public Policy," John S. Gamm (Professor of Economics), Vol. XXVI, 1961

Broadcast Regulation and Joint Ownership of Media  [summary]

20. Hamilton Alumni Review, "Broadcast Regulations and Ownership of Media," Jerome B. Komisar (Instructor of Economics), Vol. XXVII, 1962

General  [Other pieces]  

21. Harvey J. Levin on Wikipedia  [webpage]

22. Resume, circa 1944-1990

23. Contemporary Authors, "Harvey J(oshua) Levin, 1924-1992," Gale Group, August 22, 2003 (Biographical info.)

24. Contemporary Authors, Vol. 137, Gale Research Inc., 1992 (Biographical info.)

25. Contemporary Authors, Vols. 9-12, Gale Research Company, 1974 (Biographical info.)

26. Hamilton College Class of 1944 40th Reunion Yearbook, June 1-3, 1984 (Personal/professional biographical info. provided by Dr. Levin)

27. The New York Times, Memorial Tribute: "Harvey J. Levin," President James Shuart and Board of Trustees, Hofstra University, May 5, 1992

28. Written tributes to Dr. Levin by colleagues, friends and family, May-July 1992  [excerpts]

29. "Harvey Joshua Levin: Memorial Service for Family Stalwart, Friend, and Internationally Famed Economist," May 19, 1992 (Printed program of multimedia forum at Hofstra University with various speakers and presentations, organized by Dr. Levin’s son Adam Levin, and by Hofstra colleagues and longtime friends Lynn Turgeon and Harold Wattel; see "Recordings" section later in this list)

30. Various issues of Hamilton Alumni Review, 1940-1995 (Articles and listings re: Dr. Levin's scholarly and professional achievements)

31. Personal letters from Dr. Levin, Rhoda Pinsley Levin (his late wife), and others describing his work and life, 1954-1985

Collections of Personal Papers

32. Guide to the Harvey J. Levin (1924-1992) Papers, 1947-1992 (bulk dates, 1954-1992), 13 c.f., Michael J. Robinson, Processing Archivist, Hofstra University Archives (Detailed reference index and guide to entirety of materials available from
Hofstra Archives[summary]

33. Press release: "Personal Papers of Telecommunications Pioneer Donated to Hofstra University," Hofstra University News Bureau, January 27, 1994  [alternative press release]

34. Press release: "Hofstra University Archives Awarded Documentary Heritage Program Grant," Long Island Library Resources Council, February 3, 1994 (Same contents as above)

35. Folio, "The Harvey J. Levin Papers," Michael J. Robinson, Processing Archivist, Hofstra University Axinn Library, July 1994 issue (Same contents as above)

Re: Dr. Levin as (first) holder of Augustus B. Weller Chair in Economics at Hofstra and recipient of coinciding research grants from Resources for the Future (initially resulting in his 1971 book The Invisible Resource – Use and Regulation of the Radio Spectrum)  [Weller Chair webpage]

36. Newsday, "Hofstra Prof Gets An Endowed Chair," May 14, 1964 (Also describes Dr. Levin’s "national reputation" and "a new grant… to support his research on the character and management of the radio spectrum resource… [and] the most efficient use of the available radio communications frequencies from the economic and regulatory viewpoints.")

37. Long Island Press, "Weller Chair Filled," May 1964 (Same contents as above)

38. The New York Times, "Gets Grant," circa mid-1960s (Similar contents to above, citing Dr. Levin’s receiving grants of $52,100 to date from Resources for the Future)

39. Levin, Harvey J., "An Act of Community Faith -- An Address by… Weller Professor of Economics at Hofstra University on the Occasion of the Founding of the Weller Chair in Economics at Hofstra University," September 23, 1964  [excerpts]

40. Levin, Harvey J., "The Government as Partner – Symbiosis Revisited," Second Annual Weller Lecture at Hofstra University, April 18, 1969

41. Weller Chair related articles and announcements in Hofstra University's newspapers, newsletters and programs, 1963-1964

Re: Miscellaneous Honors and Associations

42. Newsday, "Professor Levin Gets Fellowship," circa 1963 (Re: Carnegie Corporation Fellowship in Law and Economics at Harvard Law School)

43. Long Island Press, "Fellowship," circa 1963 (Same contents as above)

44. Newsday, "Dr. Levin Appointed ‘Seminar Associate’," circa 1956- 1962 (Re: Seminar Associate in Public Communication at Columbia University)

45. Unidentified Westbury newspaper, "Serves Seminar," circa 1956-1962 (Same contents as above)

46. Newsday, "Three Professors Get Dep’t. Chairmanships," circa 1961 (Re: Dr. Levin’s appointment as Chairman of Hofstra’s Economics Department)

47. Numerous, related articles and announcements in Hofstra University newspapers and newsletters, 1950s-1970s

48. Letter to Dr. Levin from Archive of Contemporary History (University of Wyoming) Director Gene M. Gressley, soliciting Dr. Levin’s "papers (notes, correspondence, diaries, journals, manuscripts, photographs, books and other literary memorabilia)" for placement in its Archive "pertaining to the history and development of those individuals who have played a prominent role in the twentieth century’s social, political, legal and economic scene"; and subsequently exchanged correspondence between Dr. Levin and Mr. Gressley, 1986

Plaques/certificates of commendation:

49. Augustus B. Weller Professorship, Hofstra University, 1963

50. Hofstra University Television Conference, November 1985

51. John F. Kennedy Conference, Hofstra University, March 28-30, 1985

52. Lyndon Baines Johnson Conference, Hofstra University, April 10-12, 1986

53. "25 years of dedicated service," Hofstra University, April 29, 1983 (Re: 28th anniversary, minus sabbatical/leave time)

54. "In Appreciation for Establishing the Rhoda Pinsley Levin Endowed Award in Musical Performance," Hofstra University, 1990

55. "With Appreciation for Generous Support of the Natalie Allon Endowed Scholarship," Hofstra University, 1990

56. Elected Member of Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C., September 2, 1986

57. Bachelor of Arts Degree, Hamilton College, 1944 (printed in Latin)

Certificates of Membership:

58. Pacific Telecommunications Council, May 16, 1980

59. Democratic National Committee, 1984-1992

60. WNET (public television), March 31, 1992

61. Cosmos Club, September 2, 1986

62. Hofstra University Club, circa 1970s-1990s

Re: Community Activism

63. The New York Times, Letter to the Editor, Harvey J. Levin, 1952 (Re: economic positions of presidential candidates Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson, and the Republican and Democratic parties)

64. The New York Times, Letter to the Editor: "Guarding Civil Liberties: Danger to Our Security is Seen in Anti-Subversive Bills," Harvey J. Levin, July 31, 1954

65. The New York Times, Letter to the Editor: "Political Broadcasting: Alternatives to Present Version of Equal Time Discussed," Harvey J. Levin, June 28, 1960

66. Letters and petitions from Dr. Levin to President Nixon and other elected officials, and to the press, in protest of the Vietnam War, 1969-1970

67. Letter from Dr. Levin to the Village of Garden City and the press, and petitions appearing in The Garden City News, in support of establishing (multiracial) daycare center at Unitarian Universalist Church in Garden City, 1969-1970

68. Printed programs from Malverne Jewish Center, Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, and Garden City Jewish Center, with Dr. Levin as guest speaker on "Freedom – the New Censorship (First Amendment Under Attack)," March-April 1973

69. The Garden City News, "Professor Harvey Levin Guest Speaker at Garden City Jewish Center," April 11, 1973 (Re: censorship issues)

70. The Garden City News, "Dr. Levin States that Government Pressure Upon Media Has Reached ‘Crisis Proportion’," April 18, 1973 (Re: Speech at Unitarian Universalist Church of Central Nassau, Garden City, New York), and related press release from Unitarian Universalist Church of Central Nassau

71. The Hofstra Newsletter, "Economics: Augustus B. Weller Professor Harvey J. Levin...", April 5, 1973 (Re: Dr. Levin's censorship-related speeches at the above houses of workshop)

72. Letters of appreciation for Dr. Levin’s support from Ronald H. Brown, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 1992; U.S. Representative Allard K. Lowenstein, 1970; U.S. Senator Albert Gore (Sr.), 1970; and Congressional Candidate Karen Burstein, 1970

73. Photo with inscription of appreciation from Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, 1984

Re: Harvey J. Levin Public Policy Workshop at Hofstra University   [webpage]

74. Various promotional flyers and printed announcements about sessions, 1975-2003

75. Letters and proposals regarding economist Thomas Hazlett as featured speaker, 1991

76. Fundraising solicitation letters, fundraising event announcements, and mailing lists, 1992-1993

77. Donation records, donor lists, and letters from donors, 1992-1993

78. Levin, Adam R., "Remarks at 75th Session of Harvey J. Levin Public Policy Workshop" (first session following his death and bearing his name), Hofstra University, November 20, 1992 (Re: Revival of Workshop and Dr. Levin’s contributions)

Re: Hofstra University’s Rhoda Pinsley Levin Award (Recital) for Excellence in Musical Performance and Rhoda Pinsley Levin Piano Literature Collection  (Both were established by Dr. Levin in 1971.  The annual award and recital were reactivated by him with an endowment in 1990.  The music literature collection was expanded in 1992 upon a bequest from Dr. Levin’s will and an additional donation of Mrs. Levin’s piano literature by Adam Levin.)   [webpage]

79. Letter from Hofstra President James Shuart to Adam Levin, May 20, 1990 (Describes Dr. Levin’s reactivating award with endowment)

80. The Garden City News, "Hofstra Grad Wins Music Award," June 8, 1990 (Includes photo of Dr. Levin, Hofstra Music Professor Blanche Abram and the recipient)

81. Suffolk Life, "Wins Award," June 13, 1990 (Includes photo as described above)

82. Letter from Rochelle Lowenfeld, Vice President for Development, Hofstra University, to Dr. Levin, January 23, 1991

83. Press release: "Hofstra Student Wins Award with Prestigious Background," Hofstra University News Bureau, May 1, 1993 (Describes Dr. Levin’s role, award and Mrs. Levin’s career and role at Hofstra)

84. Press release: "Rhoda Pinsley Levin Music Award and Recital Given at Hofstra University," Hofstra University News Bureau, March 25, 1994 (Similar to above)

85. Newsday, "Rhoda Levin, Pianist, Music Patron," Tony Schaffer, February 17, 1971 (Obituary, including description of Mrs. Levin’s musical career, her prominent positions with Hofstra’s Pro Arte Symphony Orchestra League, and Dr. Levin’s career)   [article]

86. Long Island Press, "Rhoda Pinsley, LI Teacher, Concert Pianist", February 17, 1971 (Similar contents as above)  [article]

87. The Garden City News, "Planners for Pro Arte Events," February 9, 1967 (Mrs. Levin and others' work as members of Hofstra-sponsored Pro Arte Symphony Association and League)  [description & photo]

88. The Garden City News, "Install Pro Arte League Board," circa late 1960s (Same contents as above)

89. The Westbury Times, "Woman's Whirl," Gloria Glaser, April 1963 (Feature profile on Mrs. Levin, her concert at Hofstra, her musical career, Dr. Levin's career, and son Adam)   [article]

90. Oberlin College Class of '51 50th Reunion, "Tributes to Rhoda Pinsley Levin," May 25-28, 2001 (By her friend Carol Block Whited and son Adam Levin, describing Mrs. Levin's life and career)  [text]

91. Rhoda Pinsley Levin Website, Different Drum Music, 2005  [website]

92. Different Drum Music Favorite Artists & Mentors, "Rhoda Pinsley Levin", 2005  [web page]

93. Written tributes to Mrs. Levin by colleagues and friends, and Dr. Levin's letters of response, February-March 1971

94. Promotional announcements and printed programs for concerts by Mrs. Levin, 1962-1970 (With accompanying reel-to-reel recordings also on compact disc; and with occasional references to other members of Hofstra or Long Island musical community, e.g., Blanche Abram, Miriam Brickman, Margaret Davison, Naomi Drucker, Sandy Enzer, Morton Estrin, Carmen Pane, and Audrey Schneider)

95. Mrs. Levin's teaching materials as private piano teacher and choral music teacher (Netcong, N.J. and Mamaroneck, Rye and North Merrick, N.Y. public schools); and related concert/theatrical programs, newspaper articles, and inclusion in high school yearbook, 1951-1970 (With accompanying photographs, reel-to-reel tapes and phonograph recordings [photo]

96. Tributes and letters of appreciation from Mrs. Levin's students, their parents, and school officials, 1951-1970

97. Newspaper articles and other materials regarding Mrs. Levin's work as pianist with Oberlin Conservatory of Music and Oberlin Woodwind Ensemble (nationally touring and radio broadcasted), late 1940s-early 1950s (With accompanying photographs and phonograph recordings)  [photo]

98. Recording series: Classroom Materials, Classroom Materials Co., circa early-mid-1960s (Creator and narrator: Lois Raebeck; piano: Rhoda Levin)

99. The Gondoliers, Harvard Gilbert & Sullivan Players, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fall 1963 (Program info. including reference to Rhoda Levin as Assistant Music Director and Rehearsal Accompanist; with accompanying reel-to-reel recording)

100. Oberlin Conservatory website, 2007 (featuring Mrs. Levin)  [webpage]

Reel-to-reel tapes (also on CD):

101. Piano recital by Mrs. Levin, Studio of Morton Estrin, Hicksville, New York, January 26, 1963 (Program of Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Kurka, Liszt, Paradies, Scarlatti and Schubert)
102. Piano recital by Mrs. Levin, November 1966 (Program of Bach, Brahms, Chopin and Menotti)

Re: Natalie Allon Scholarship in Sociology at Hofstra University, and her gender discrimination (tenure denial related) lawsuit which attained it (Dr. Levin's support of scholarship's endowment, and advocacy for Dr. Allon)

103. Letter from Dr. Levin to Hofstra President James Shuart, July 20, 1977 (Advocating for tenure for Dr. Allon)

104. Newsday, "Bias Suit set for Teacher In a Coma," 1982

105. The Daily News, "Case Opens on Teacher In a Coma," 1982

106. Printed programs for the first two Natalie I. Allon Scholarship ceremonies at Hofstra University, November 4, 1983 and November 16, 1984 (Includes list of speakers, e.g., Sociology Dept. Chairman Hyman Enzer, and other sociologists and Hofstra faculty; list of Dr. Allon's published works; and update on her medical condition)

107. Letter from Rochelle Lowenfeld, Vice President for Development, Hofstra University, to Dr. Levin, January 23, 1991

108. The Pittsburgh Press, "Standing out: Unable to move, she still contributes," Jerry Sharpe, September 1, 1988

109. Footnotes/Newsletter of the American Sociological Association, "Obituary: Natalie Allon (1941-2001)," Judith Lorber, January 2002, Vol. 36, No. 1

110. Allon, Natalie, Urban Life Styles (William C. Brown Co.), 1979 (Sociology book in which Dr. Levin is acknowledged for help)

111. Scholarly articles by Dr. Allon, including those contained in others’ books (e.g., sociology of obesity)

112. Pieces about Dr. Allon and her work in various journals (e.g., New York Times) and books, 1972-present

113. Dr. Allon’s resume (including list of extensive publications)

114. Tenure recommendation materials, 1977 (e.g., University Faculty Personnel Board’s unanimous recommendation of Dr. Allon as "the most popular teacher" at Hofstra "with a nationwide reputation for her research" and publications; and other recommendations and substantiating documents)

115. Disability Studies Quarterly Website, "A Brief History of DSQ", Society for Disability Studies, 2006 (Credits Dr. Allon as founder of DSQ's precursor, Disability Newsletter, first published in July 1980 as part of the disability subsection of the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association, just prior to her incapacitation.)

Recordings  (Some audio tapes also on compact disc)

Video and audio cassettes: 
116. "Memorial Service for Harvey Joshua Levin," Hofstra University, May 19, 1992. Includes remarks and appearances by family, friends (e.g., physicist Warren Henry of Howard University), former students (economists Sharon Oster of Yale University and Elliott Sclar of Columbia University), and present and former Hofstra faculty (provost Herman Berliner; economists Lynn Turgeon, William Leonard and Martin Melkonian; Economics Chair Marcel Tenenbaum; Law professor Paul Tannenbaum; and Business/Management professors John Ullmann, Harold Wattel and Harold Lazarus); slide presentation of Dr. Levin’s life; and audio recording of Dr. Levin
Reel-to-reel tapes of Dr. Levin's presentations:
Resources for the Future
117. "RS Management" (Date unknown)
University of Virginia
118. "Liquor Licensing", as Co-Director of Economic Studies, New York State Moreland Commission on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, October 1963 

WBAI-FM Radio (New York) 

119. "Mr. Minow and the Broadcast Industry," Harvey J. Levin, January 26, 1962 (With accompanying transcript of broadcasted speech -- in which Dr. Levin proposed new economic regulatory policies to require television stations to diversify their programming, in response to FCC Commissioner Minow's call for greater media diversity)

WVHC-FM Radio (Hofstra University)

120. Seminar: Committee on Economic Development's policy report on broadcasting and cable television, w/CED panelists, April 30, 1975


121. "Regulatory Implications of Opportunity Cost Concept" (Date unknown)
122. "Uses of Radio Spectrum" (Date unknown)

123. Personal recordings, 1970

Audio cassettes of Dr. Levin’s conference presentations:

American Economic Association

124. "Future of Antitrust," w/Alice Rivlin and others, December 29, 1986 (3 tapes)

125. AEA85, "Outer Space and Share Economy" (4 tapes)

126. "Emergent Markets," w/Alice Rivlin and others, December 30 (year unknown) (2 tapes)

Annenberg/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

127. World Administrative Radio Conferences (WARG) meeting, February 7, 1984 (3 tapes)

Columbia University

128. "Sikes Federal Communications Commission Symposium," Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, November 4, 1991

129. ISDN, "Regulation," w/Roger Noll, Edith Miller, Henry Geller and Eli Noam, February 3, 1989

130. SM Seminar, w/Dick Kirby, Konnie Schaefer and others, October 12-14, 1988 (5 tapes)

131. Program on Witte Commission, w/Ekrhard Witte, Jochen Schlogel and Eli Noam, September 24, 1987

132. "Global Advertising," November 17, 1986

133. "UNESCO and ITU," February 8, 1984 (2 tapes)

East-West Center

134. EWC, w/Joseph Pelton and others, January 22, 1987 (2 tapes)

University of Hawaii

135. "Emergent Markets," January 16, 1987

Hofstra University  [PPW webpage]

136. Public Policy Workshop, "Ocean Policy," w/Brian Hoyle and others, March 10, 1988 (3 tapes)

137. Public Policy Workshop, "Nuclear Arms Race," w/Noam Chomsky, April 1, 1987 (2 tapes)

International Institute of Communications

138. IIC88DC (9 tapes)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

139. MIT/SWAC85 (4 tapes)

National Academy of Engineering/Resources for the Future

140. Space Policy Conference, w/J. McLucas, M. Macauley, J. McElroy, K. Johnson, S. Day, J. Ledyard, A. Flax, K. Pederson, M. Snow, M. Toman and others, June 24-25, 1986 (6 tapes)

National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences

141. NRC/NAS, w/J. Ledyard, M. Macauley, R. Shrum, B. Smith, D. Clements, T. Quinn, K. Rose, T. Rogers, E. Young, J. Wayland, N. Rose and others, June 15, 1987 (6 tapes)  [excerpt]

Pacific Telecommunications Council

142. PTC90, "Major Issues in World Communications" (PTC 08) (2 tapes)

143. PTC90, "Impact on Tel. Technology on Intell. Property Rights" (PTC 09) (2 tapes)

144. PTC89, January 15-17, 1989 (3 tapes)

145. PTC88, w/Joseph Pelton and others, June 5, 1988 (6 tapes)

146. PTC88, February 18, 1988 (5 tapes)

147. PTC87, January 22, 1987 (3 tapes)

148. PTC86 (9 tapes)

149. PTC84, w/Jim Cox (2 tapes)

150. PTC83, "Communications Infrastructure: Social/Political Economic Aspects" (2 tapes)

151. PTC-1035, "Regional Satellites" (2 tapes)

152. PTC-1038, "Gateways, Teleports, Global Networking"

153. PTC-1039, "International Telecommunication Organizations"

Stanford University

154. Stanford University, August 27, 1988 (2 tapes)

Telecommunications Policy Research Conferences

155. TPRC90, "Spectrum," w/Eli Noam and others, October 1990 (2 tapes)

156. TPRC/Airlie House, w/Chris Sullivan, Joseph Pelton, Cliff Block, John Mayo, Eli Noam, Tony Rutkowski and Mitchell Moss (5 tapes)

157. TPRC/Annapolis, "Regulatory Safety Net"


158. ATT Divesting, w/Glen Robinson, March 2-4, 1989

159. DeLamarter Seminar, October 9, 1986 (2 tapes)

160. DESI/DPI Seminar, February 25, 1987 (2 tapes)

161. Panel on National Science Foundation (NSF) Project, May 1988

162. VAE/2831, "Annenberg School," April 27, 1987 (6 tapes)

163. VAE/2831, "SCPOE and Relevance of the North Atlantic Consultative Process," November 21, 1985 (5 tapes)

164. VAE/3831, "Post Analysis of Space – WARC-85," October 25, 1985 (5 tapes)

165. SWAC88, w/M. Mitchell, E. Reinhart, H. Hudson, R. Shrum, E. Probst, R. Maser, R. Stowe and others, May 21, 1987 (2 tapes)

166. SWAC85, w/Steve Doyle and others, March 27, 1986 (3 tapes)

167. Personal recordings, 1980-1981


168. At Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C., April 1992

169. At Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference and with colleagues, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 1992

170. Participating in People to People Citizen Ambassadorship Program in Soviet Union, summer 1991

171. With economics colleagues Lynn Turgeon, Marvin Lee, William Leonard, June Zaccone and Elliott Sclar; Howard University physicist Warren Henry; sociologists Hyman Enzer and Natalie Allon; University of Virginia English literature professor (and lifelong friend) Robert Langbaum; Rhoda Pinsley Levin; and former students, 1950s-1990s

172. At Hofstra commencement, circa 1990-1992

173. With Hofstra President James Shuart, while being honored for endowments for Rhoda Pinsley Levin Award and Natalie Allon Scholarship, circa 1990-1992

174. At Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, June 1971

175. During Fellowship in Law and Economics at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, circa 1963-1964

176. In U.S.-occupied Japan, while serving as Research Analyst and Foreign Language Officer in U.S. Office of Strategic Services (later U.S. Central Intelligence Agency), 1946

177. Miscellaneous photos, 1920s-1990s

Additional family-related pieces (some including descriptions of Dr. Levin's work)

Re: Harvey J. Levin and Rhoda Pinsley Levin:

178. Letters and cards from Dr. Levin to family and friends, 1945-1988

179. Letters and cards to Dr. Levin from family and friends, 1960s-1990s

180. Letters from Rhoda Pinsley Levin to friends and family, 1952-1970

181. Letters and cards to Rhoda Pinsley Levin from family and friends, 1940s-1971

182. Newspaper articles and announcements about Dr. Levin and Rhoda Pinsley's engagement and wedding, 1954-1955

183. World Muse, "Creative Process", Adam R. Levin, Winter 1992

184. Letter to Rhoda Pinsley from Matthew J. Connelly, Secretary to the President (Harry Truman), The White House, July 29, 1952

Re: Rosa Miller Levin and Leon Levin (HJL's parents):

185. Sun Tattler (Hollywood, Florida), "Highrise Profile: Mrs. Levin Writes Card Verses", Rozana David, March 8, 1973

186. Kew-Forest Post, "Mrs. Leon Levin...", January 12, 1940 (Re: hosting 3000 luncheon attendees at New York Federation of Jewish Women, as President of Sisterhood of Forest Hills Jewish Center)

187. Unidentified newspaper, "Mrs. Rosa Levin", January 1940 (Same contents as above)

188. Unidentified newspaper, "Levin Moves to [Georges] Meyer [Corp.]", 1962 (Re: Leon Levin's role as a global regional sales official in millenary industry, e.g., at Armand Schwab & Co.)

189. Unidentified newspaper, "Rosa and Leon Levin", 1971 (Re: their 50th wedding anniversary)

190. New York State Senate Open Legislation Service, "J2612 Honoring Queensboro Farm Products upon the occasion of its 100th Anniversary", July 16, 2009 (Re: Dr. Levin's grandmother, close confidant and family stalwart, Sarah Miller)  [webpage]

191. The Oneida Daily Dispatch, "Queensboro dairy celebrating century in business", June 25, 2009 (Similar contents as above)  [webpage]   [comment]

Re: Irving Pinsley (HJL's father-in-law) and Rose Daniels Pinsley (HJL's stepmother-in-law):  [webpage]

192. Newsday, "Irving Pinsley", February 2, 1973

193. Long Island Press, "Dr. Irving Pinsley dies; pioneer in psychiatry", February 2, 1973

194. Press release: "Looking Back: This Month on Long Island -- Irving Pinsley, Psychiatric Pioneer", Adam R. Levin, February 2005

195. Press release: "Rose Daniels Pinsley -- Social Worker, New York City Ballet Patron", Adam R. Levin, January 2000

196. "A Memorial Celebration in Tribute to Rose Daniels Pinsley ('Danny') -- Social Worker, Activist, Friend, Family Stalwart", March 12, 2000 (Audio recording and printed program of event, and printed tributes and recollections from family, friends and colleagues)

197. The Art Scene, "Arty Party 2004: 30th Anniversary Celebration -- Mildred Joseph and her late husband Rudolph", Long Island Arts Council at Freeport, September 1-November 30, 2004 (Includes detailed 1939-1942 account of Dr. Irving Pinsley, his first wife Lillian and their daughter Rhoda)

198. Clergy Conferences on Pastoral Care and Community Mental Health, "Mental Illness -- A Community Responsibility: What the Clergyman Should Know About Community Resources in the Care and Treatment of the Mentally Ill", Dr. Irving Pinsley, Supervising Psychiatrist, Kings Park State Hospital, November 7, 1966 (Printed program)

199. The American Journal of Psychiatry, "The 'Adequate Relaxation Interim' Following Succinylcholine Administration in Electroshocktherapy", Irving Pinsley M.D. (w/other psychiatrists at Kings Park State Hospital), October 1960

200. Mental Hospitals: Journal of Hospital and Community Psychiatry, "FDA Approves New Convulsant Drug", American Psychiatric Association, June 1964 (Credits Dr. Pinsley's paper published in Jan.-Feb. 1963 issue of Journal of Neuropsychiatry as a basis for FDA's approval of the pharmacoconvulsive drug Indoklon.)  

201. Hospital and Community Psychiatry, "People & Places: Retirements", American Psychiatric Association, August 1972 (Announcement of retirements of Dr. Pinsley as chief of service, and wife Rose Pinsley as social work supervisor, from Kings Park State Hospital, "after a combined total of 56 years in state service".)

202. Civil Service Leader, "Employee News: Kings Park", Vol. XVI, No. 5, October 12, 1954 (Describes a musical performance by Irving Pinsley with the Kings Park String Quartet at a commencement for Kings Park State Hospital nursing students on Sept. 16, 1954)

203. Living at Kings Park State Hospital website, 2007 (featuring lives & psychiatric work of Irving and Rose Daniels Pinsley)  [website]

204. Kings Park Heritage Museum website, 2008 (featuring Dr. and Mrs. Pinsley)  [webpage]

Re: Miscellaneous

205. Other personal papers, materials and photos, circa 1900-1990s

Literary works on Dr. Levin's career   [excerpts]


206. Levin, Adam R., The Invisible Promised Land: Harvey J. Levin -- A Biography of Two Fathers, 2003


207. Levin, Adam R., Airplay, 2003

208. Levin, Adam R., Words from my Father, 2004


209. Levin, Adam R., Eyes on the Prize, 2003

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